USC Student Health Council

Residency 411

All students should have submitted appendices 1-2, resume, and StARS report regardless of their status. (scanned copy accepted)

  • Do not pull these off the internet.  If  you do not have them, please contact the office for a recent version

Once you have selected an organization, you must submit appendices 3-4 which are the agreement and plan.  (originals only) 

  • Your start date cannot be before you completed 20 hours unless petitioned and approved by Dr. Nichol.
  • Your plan must be detailed and specific to your projects and experience, do not use the examples and fill in the blanks! Tailor your plan to your goals and the organization’s objectives for you.

You must submit these documents for each organization that is contributing to your total hours.

  • If it is a new organization that we have not worked with in the past, you must get program approval.
  • Please be sure to keep a copy for your records. The originals may be mailed in or dropped off.  I will still be accepting paperwork up until Wednesday, June 26. After that date, you may want to contact Shaunna to see if she approves drop offs.
  • Be sure to keep an hour log for each organization. (excel spreadsheet is fine)

Once you have reached 500 hours, you will need to submit the midpoint evaluations and narratives. (originals only)

  • The resident evaluation is a self-reflection and the summary gives us insight to your learning experience.
  • The preceptor evaluation must be signed and dated by the preceptor.  This is the date used to log your midpoint.  We do not use the date you signed off.  Please make sure to get them to date it!

Once you have completed your 1,000 hours, you will need to submit the final evaluations and narratives. (originals only)

  • Be sure to have your preceptor date the evaluation form.
  • Submit your hour log.
  • Please complete final summary forms as well.
  • You do not need to submit checklist. That is simply provided so that you can keep yourself on track.
  • Allow 48 – 72 hours for processing. You should confirm that your requirement has been updated on your StARS report and the correct date is reflected.

Deadlines:  There are no specific dates in which we require you to submit the evaluations as each of you will be going at your own pace. We do, however, require that you submit your documents as each step is completed so that we ensure you are on track for your degree. If you plan to graduate (not walk, but graduate) in May (spring 2014), you must submit your final documents by the last day of class.

How is a student’s degree date determined?

  • A student must complete ALL degree requirements on or before the last day of a term to be eligible to graduate in that term.
  • The administrative offices (program and university) are then allowed 14 days to process.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to submit your documents and verify your StARS update!

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